The Perfume Sketchbook Project

As a botanical artist and illustrator, I have always loved painting perfume as a theme. I have designed a new project to fill up a beautiful sketchbook and want you to join me! We will be creating art works in (colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, and watercolor pencil). I will also make mention of inks and other goodies to remind you to explore other media possibilities too! This project is for all levels, and I invite all flower loving folks to join me! Let’s all create together to connect with plants and flowers more!

This project will take place on my YOUTUBE channel:

This video is found here:


I created a playlist on my channel so that it is easy to access and find new videos as the project progresses. In the short video I mention ideas to get you started and spark your creativity by showing you three examples of different styles that I painted in the past. I designed this project because the connection to plants and flowers is paramount to my work, and I want to share that with everyone that wants to learn either botanical art or perhaps just loose flowers and to fill up a beautiful book that evokes joy and happy memories every-time you open it! I list plenty of ideas from designing your own bottle, to actually learning to mix your own perfume oils yourself by learning fragrance mixology. If you think you might want to join in then click on the video listed above and leave a comment in the discussion. As I keep developing the videos and posting more and more content in the playlist – I will be showing work from all of the folks that want to join in on the fun. There is plenty to this project but I can’t reveal all of the goodies all-at-once.


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